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Gratitude – the saving grace

Gratitude – the saving grace Gratitude – the antidote to depression, negativity, sadness… and to life’s many downs, it’s the up. When we look through the lens of gratefulness, life just becomes a bit brighter and we breathe a little easier. It is the crux behind wanting what you have and not wanting what you […]

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Follow your Bliss

“Follow your heart.” Asian Tiger Mom never says this to her beloved child who is only of course a Beethoven protege or the next Bill Gates. Most Asian kids are vehemently inculcated to follow their parents’ wishes, if anything. However, this does not seem to apply to many Asians I’ve met who grew up in […]

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To be or not to be… a yoga teacher?

To be or not to be a yoga teacher? The 200hr Yoga Teacher Training that will save you from yourself   Yoga is a hot topic these days as its popularity has become mainstream largely spurned by the increase in classes offered at gyms and fitness centers. Perhaps the growing dissatisfaction of the general American […]

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Think Big

“Think Big – Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence” by Dr Ben Carson – a book review   I’m not sure I’d have ever picked to read this book, classified “biography/religious” had it not been for how my eldest sister came to meet him. Electricity was out in her office building at the University of Cincinnati […]

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You Are More Than Your Thoughts – Part II

     Every action began as a seed of a thought in our minds. Beyond that seed, was there another source from where the seed came? If we can tap into that seed, the essence of our being, deep in our hearts of who we are and how we can be our truest potential, and […]

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You Are Not Your Thoughts

The trappings of your life are in your head. How do we break free of these trappings? When that broken record’s played in your head for 18 years – how stupid a person you are, or how ugly…or how fat. When all that becomes the frame of our being, how do we unlearn them to […]

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Living Your Most Authentic Life – on more than a penny a day

Let’s face it. We all want to live our dreams — whatever that may be — an artist? a musician? a cook show host? sail around the world? Who would rather balance some big corporation’s books than do something else – anything – that’s more fun, stress-free and where we are in the flow, as […]

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