Is The Millionaire Fastlane Possible For An Average Joe?

Inspired by Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes, where he summarizes big ideas from his favorite philosophy books into easy-to-read pdf cliffs notes. He’s going on 200 books last I checked. (Check out his work at Philosophers Notes.) I thought I’d give this a stab with a twist of my own.

I often read books and forget most of what I’ve read a few days later. Then I wish I had a visual cliffs notes to review without having to re-read the whole book. As a visual learner, I like to doodle around notes so I can visualize key ideas at a glance. This helps me understand and retain the information better.

This infographic shows some of the ideas that stood out for me from the book The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. It gives me an easy reference. I can assess ideas quickly by running them through the fastlane commandments section and see if they pass the test.

As a service seller, I can see that I’ve violated some of the fastlane commandments (time and scale), so the likelihood of millions for me (by next week) just went down : ( However, enjoying what I do is a bigger part of my goal and my consolation :-). If you’re a service seller, adding byproducts to a service may give you a chance of getting on a better lane.

But for now, enjoy the doodles.

millionaire fastlane inforgraphic summary by pablo sanchez of honey i can explain


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