An Ode to Pursuit – A Happy One Year of Conzpiring

An Ode to my fellow co-Conzpirators.

A year (and 51 posts) ago on the 4th of July 2014, Conzpire published its first post. I’m very proud to be in company of such amazing and determined co-Conzpirators who are in pursuit of their own personal “obsession” projects where we get to share ideas, experiences, interviews and information that connects us and create bridges around the pursuit of projects close to ones heart.

What did we want when we started this in mid 2014 and where are we now with it in mid 2015?

The idealist in me wanted to connect with more people who are on their own path and actively pursing their own obsessions. I wanted to hear their stories, find out what made them tick, what they cared about, and the methods to their madness. The subject and focus of obsession were not as important as the WHY behind the pursuit and the stories that gives it deep and personal meaning. I wanted to be around these creators and be with the energy and vibe that comes from having a voice to express ones self through ones chosen craft.

The pragmatic side of me wanted to create opportunity for our group if one ever opened up for us through this platform. I didn’t know exactly what that was when we started, just that it was a possibility. There will be more to share on this front which is currently in the works as we begin our second year.


In the past year, I’ve witnessed an opening of an epic art show that mimicked in real life a story that was once narrated in a comic book script – a poetic culmination and a genesis of a lifelong dream. I saw this genesis spawn into other projects that sported the banner to Sing Your Own Truth, a beacon of personal empowerment that I’m sure I’ll be seeing more in the future.

I’ve seen one writer’s amazing pursuit for answers to a writer’s burning questions. To find out how, other’s in the field, authors who have created their own success, Fund Their Passion Projects. In a series that demystify the lives of authors and the challenges they face. As well as sharing her own pursuit, process and challenges with making her dream project of writing a novel a reality.

As the year went by I saw bonds with other kindred groups grow. As we extend our friendships to others who share the same thirst and enjoyment of pursuit.

And as I reflect on these proud events of the past year a newsletter from one of my favorite entrepreneur and philosopher Brian Johnson entered my mailbox as it does at 1 AM every morning. He delivers small nuggets of encouragement and wisdom distilled from books and sometimes I open them when the subject line resonates with my current mood. This newsletter was a cliff note from a book by Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, titled: How To Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

I’d like to share this video of his notes as parting thoughts as we move forward.

Two ideas from the notes & video stood out for me and that is the bit on paying the price for what you want and limiting your choices so you can focus your efforts on what matters. To Mei Li and Zaldy, who have shown their willingness to pay the price and pay it ten fold. And then limit their choices (and opportunities) to stay true to what they value most. You are both an inspiration.

You are Conzpire.

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