Vizjhanti: Imagining Passion

“I am Passion. I am fire. The spark of a song that blazes into an inferno of voices. The warmth of the hearth that all rally around. I am truth manifested in movement, coursing through veins, giving life to purpose and mission. The fuel for change and revolution. I am the current that words and beats float upon. I inspire. I incite.” — Passion


Passion is the heart of the Seraphim brothers. He is nurturing and compassionate, as well as ferocious in upholding truth. Passion is the inspirational leader that keeps the Seraphim together and driven.


Imagining Passion in my life:


Passion in Self

I am fortunate to wake each morning with a drive to “Sing my Truth.”  I serve a company with a purpose that reflects my own personal mission: to bring out the potential in others. Passion allows me to give life to this mission in every aspect of my life.


Passion in Community

I believe that Passion plays a role in not only keeping the bonds of my community together, but also in leading us toward a shared vision. My goal as a leader is not to lead but to inspire and empower others to take the lead.


Passion in Art + Design

The concept of branding fascinates me in both my design and art practices. I believe that brand is the essence that gives people, cultures, companies, and works of art their hearts. This essence is the “story” that we all can relate to and, in turn, become passionate about engaging with. I hope to create brands and stories that resonate and inspire.


Passion drives me to push from one breath to another. It also moves me to give purpose and meaning to each breath. I once wrote in an essay that “to fulfill my maximum potential as an individual, it is my goal to bring out the potential in others.” I personally feel passionate about serving others to “sing their Truths.” In turn, being passionate aligns me with singing my own truth.


Edited by Mei Li Ooi


About Zaldy Serrano

Five-time Emmy nominated art director for KQED. Scrounging for pockets of time. Working towards "Building a Mystery."

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