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Vizjhanti: Imagining Truth

“My name is Truth, a namesake that I share with you all. Formless, fluid and in constant flux. I am awareness. The interconnection between a waking star and the dreaming sea of darkness that it drifts upon. My name frames mystery. I am the vessel, and the void within. I am truth, in the form […]

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Vizjhanti: Imagining Passion

“I am Passion. I am fire. The spark of a song that blazes into an inferno of voices. The warmth of the hearth that all rally around. I am truth manifested in movement, coursing through veins, giving life to purpose and mission. The fuel for change and revolution. I am the current that words and […]

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Vizjhanti: Imagining Strength

“I am Strength of flesh and bone, as well as character. The force of will and body.  I am the tangible expressions that resonate from Truth, manifesting as voice, fists, feet and spine. I am the veins, rivers and bridges that connect us to ourselves, and to each other in thought, heart and soul. I […]

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Countdown to Vizjhanti: Act 1

The days are counting down fast. I’m putting the last minute details on the graphic novel and ready to hang the show on Sunday. Below is the official press release and video. Can’t wait to celebrate with you all on the 18th! Z Special thanks to Rob Vo for putting this all together! ————————————————————————————————————– As […]

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Sing Your Truth

  Sing Your Truth Building up to my art show, I head over to my neighborhood Starbucks to work on my Vizjhanti graphic novel. After picking up my order, I set my grande tea on a table and begin pulling out the contents from my backpack. First my tin container, then the spiral bound sketchbooks […]

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Of Sirens and Muses

  It was the fall of 1997. Revacomm, the design studio where I was employed, was throwing their annual retreat. We were treated to a cabin on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. We setup a campfire in the evening by the beach. Huddled by the fire, we got business out of the way and […]

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I Want It All and I Want It Now: Part 3

  Strength in numbers Balancing time between KQED and Vizjhanti could place me in a solitary rut. With the limited hours to spare on both pursuits, it could be a challenge to maintain a healthy social lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I could easily play the role of the reclusive artist. I am naturally introverted. […]

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I Want It All and I Want It Now: Part 2

  Being in a committed relationship with my deadline. Keeping motivated with my passion project is a challenge, especially with my full-time job at KQED. Something that motivates me is participating in arts shows. In the past five years, I’ve done three group art shows, varying in scale from a bar venue to a dedicated […]

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Vizjhanti: Act 1

I believe that we can author stories that empower us to express our own truth. This was a gift that my father gave to me. At around age five, I remember handing my father a blank sheet of paper, and asked him to draw a picture of King Kong. He would always draw for me […]

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Conzpire 4th

  “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.” These are the governing principles that our nation was built upon. A given birthright for all those who are harbored within her arms. Today, I celebrate this as I continue to live my life by these sentiments. My pursuit of happiness is a creative endeavor. An attempt […]

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