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Solve Your Sophomore Slump

Have you ever thought you’d figured out the formula to success only to get crazy stuck right after? Mary Volmer hit that sweet spot all of us writers hope to arrive at when she published her first novel, Crown of Dust. But when it came to the second one, she hit a roadblock. Sound familiar? […]

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This Author’s Surefire Strategies for Finishing a Novel

Mary Volmer didn’t intend to become a writer, not at first. She was just a grad student studying abroad in Wales when the lures of a story hooked her. Lucky for us, it didn’t let her go. And within a few years, while she was completing her MFA in Creative Writing, that passion project turned into […]

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Want to Make a Living as an Award-Winning Writer? Minal Shows Us How.

Write a kickass book proposal, hook an agent and land a publisher – every writer’s fantasy, right? That’s exactly what happened to Minal Hajratwala back in 2001. Except instead of living her dream, she felt mired in a nightmare. The book she finally wrote, Leaving India, ended up winning a bunch of awards. And Minal now does live […]

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This writer refused to go into debt for her art – & got Stanford to pay for it instead

For ten years after college, Ammi Keller wrote steadily for ‘zines but felt like she was failing at novel writing. At thirty, concerned about the practical matter of, oh, earning a living, she decided it was time to get pragmatic and go to school for physical therapy. On a whim, she also applied for the […]

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Laura’s Three-Layer Cake Approach to a Tasty Career

Today, Laura Shin is in freelance writing bliss. She contributes regularly at Forbes and is author of the ebook “The Millennial Game Plan: Career And Money Secrets To Succeed In Today’s World.” Her articles have appeared in the likes of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Audubon, Slate, Yoga […]

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How One Writer Got Paid to Develop a Novel

To get answers for the Fund Your Passion Project series, I turned to Shruti Swamy. Her passion project? A fiction novel exploring themes of blindness. And as the 2012 W.K. Rose Fellow, she got paid $50,000 to work on it. Here, she spills on the habits that got her living her dream. MY WRITING REGIMEN […]

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How To Fund Your Passion Project Series

Introducing: The Fund Your Passion Project Series

Anyone else take the road less traveled by… and then run out of gas money? I quit my steady if not lucrative job to go back to school at the ripe old age of 38. I sat through classes with twenty-year-olds. I realized with age comes not so much wisdom as way slower brain processing speeds […]

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