Mineshaft C4D

It’s A Mineshaft! A Half-Mark Update On The ‘Learn A New Skill In 30 Days’ Challenge

In my last post I wrote a simple outline on how to learn something new in 30 days. Focusing on the contents of your first 20 hours of practice as a foundation for better results. In this experiment, I chose to learn 3D modeling and animation using Cinema4D as my objective. Setting October 11, 2014 […]

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Vizjhanti: Imagining Truth, Wisdom, Passion and Strength

  I was introduced to the Covey system by a creative director at my first design gig in Hawaii. I was drawn to its philosophy of prioritizing one’s life, to nourish four core areas: the physical, emotional/social, mental and spiritual. Although I no longer practice the system’s approach to time management, I still honor the […]

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Want to be a better writer? Read like one.

Want to Be a Better Writer? Read Like One.

Beyond the fun of it, reading writers you admire is a great way to unlock your own literary potential. You don’t have to be an English Lit major. You don’t have to write a tiresome book report. These three simple steps will get you reading and improving as a writer. Step One: Study the masters […]

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Gratitude – the saving grace

Gratitude – the saving grace Gratitude – the antidote to depression, negativity, sadness… and to life’s many downs, it’s the up. When we look through the lens of gratefulness, life just becomes a bit brighter and we breathe a little easier. It is the crux behind wanting what you have and not wanting what you […]

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A Simple Way To Learn A New Skill Fast - In 4 Steps

A Simple Way To Learn A New Skill Fast – In 4 Steps

This is a 30-day challenge and a case study to test this four-step method as I apply it to a specific objective: To learn 3D modeling and animation using Cinema4D. My goal is to find out what works well and what doesn’t, what results I’ll get after this experiment and see what foundations are transferable […]

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Countdown to Vizjhanti: Act 1

The days are counting down fast. I’m putting the last minute details on the graphic novel and ready to hang the show on Sunday. Below is the official press release and video. Can’t wait to celebrate with you all on the 18th! Z Special thanks to Rob Vo for putting this all together! ————————————————————————————————————– As […]

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Body Torture Game

The Body Torture Game

Growing up in Malaysia, my aunts lamented my ugly, scrawny body. Doctors pronounced me underweight. In response, my mother heaped for me second helpings of rice, fried pomfret, bean sprouts and roast pork rubbery with fat. Meal times were an ordeal of bursting at the gut, squirming through pain. But failing, always failing, to attain […]

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Follow your Bliss

“Follow your heart.” Asian Tiger Mom never says this to her beloved child who is only of course a Beethoven protege or the next Bill Gates. Most Asian kids are vehemently inculcated to follow their parents’ wishes, if anything. However, this does not seem to apply to many Asians I’ve met who grew up in […]

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Choosing A Path With Heart

Adding my comic interpretation to a beautiful quote by Carlos Castaneda. A very inspiring quote that has helped me navigate life’s many complex paths. I hope your journeys are filled with heart, wonder and laughter. Enjoy! Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of […]

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Sing Your Truth

  Sing Your Truth Building up to my art show, I head over to my neighborhood Starbucks to work on my Vizjhanti graphic novel. After picking up my order, I set my grande tea on a table and begin pulling out the contents from my backpack. First my tin container, then the spiral bound sketchbooks […]

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