Vizjhanti: Imagining Wisdom

“I am Wisdom. I am the air that feeds the fire which forges steel into sword. I embody Truth’s mission through purpose and values, giving direction to choice and action. Immersed in life, I am shaped by every moment. With every step, I learn to live, as I live what I’ve learned. I frame the […]

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Want to Make a Living as an Award-Winning Writer? Minal Shows Us How.

Write a kickass book proposal, hook an agent and land a publisher – every writer’s fantasy, right? That’s exactly what happened to Minal Hajratwala back in 2001. Except instead of living her dream, she felt mired in a nightmare. The book she finally wrote, Leaving India, ended up winning a bunch of awards. And Minal now does live […]

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8 Steps to Get More Qualified Leads for Your Service

Hello February! This post will be ultra short and will serve as an outline for the tasks I am to tackle in the months ahead. In my last post, we recapped on an 8-step plan for transitioning into a new career and the perils of relying too much on a narrow source of freelance income. […]

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How to Write, Pronto!

You’ve written your first chapter! Hooray! At least, that’s what you thought your friends would say. Along with popping a bottle of champagne for you. Instead, they keep asking when you’ll be done already. Your throat tightens. After all, you spent five months in an isolated haze to give birth to that pearl of a […]

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Vizjhanti: Imagining Passion

“I am Passion. I am fire. The spark of a song that blazes into an inferno of voices. The warmth of the hearth that all rally around. I am truth manifested in movement, coursing through veins, giving life to purpose and mission. The fuel for change and revolution. I am the current that words and […]

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hacking into a new career with no experience

Hacking Into a New Career With No Experience – A Year 3 Report

Three short years ago I participated in a challenge to hack into a new career without any formal credentials. On December 29, 2011, I sent in my half-assed entry, which you can read here, to a challenge that came at an opportune time as I started to contemplate on the idea of breaking into motion […]

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This writer refused to go into debt for her art – & got Stanford to pay for it instead

For ten years after college, Ammi Keller wrote steadily for ‘zines but felt like she was failing at novel writing. At thirty, concerned about the practical matter of, oh, earning a living, she decided it was time to get pragmatic and go to school for physical therapy. On a whim, she also applied for the […]

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Vizjhanti: Imagining Strength

“I am Strength of flesh and bone, as well as character. The force of will and body.  I am the tangible expressions that resonate from Truth, manifesting as voice, fists, feet and spine. I am the veins, rivers and bridges that connect us to ourselves, and to each other in thought, heart and soul. I […]

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Blowing Up 3D Minecart

Blowing Up The Mineshaft! Learning 3D Modeling and Animation in 30 Days – Finale

Over thirty days ago, I started an experiment to find an effective approach on how to learn a new skill, partly to help challenge myself to learn 3D animation with Cinema4D. Within 30 days, my goal was to get the basics down on how to use the software with at least 20 hours of learning time […]

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Curse Your Character

Has anyone else ever gotten something they’ve longed for forever and then thought, That was IT? Now what? I shot up to my present height of 5’6” by the time I was 12. Back in Malaysia, the kids at school called me “Satay Stick” or Popeye’s ungainly girlfriend “Olive Oyl.” My aunties lamented my unattractive […]

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